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what does a location counselor do:

• Promote breastfeeding as the optimal method of infant feeding and care.

• Counsel and educate pregnant women and mothers regarding breastfeeding.
• Conduct comprehensive assessment of mother and child related to breastfeeding
• Develop a care plan specific to the needs identified through assessment and counseling

• Assess the needs of women and babies who are at risk of, or currently experiencing lactation difficulties, providing care and triaging referral to other care providers as needed



The CLEC program I took furnishes the basic information necessary to assist and encourage the breastfeeding triad of mother, baby and support person. The program covered topics such as the anatomy and physiology of lactation, early attachment of baby, hospital care, support during the postpartum stage, common concerns and solutions, and appliances and apparatuses used in breastfeeding. As a CLEC, I serve as a resource for accurate, evidence-based information to families, the public and health care providers. I help my clients address common breastfeeding concerns and refer more complicated cases to a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I also remain a continuous source of support, guidance and encouragement throughout the breastfeeding journey.

The course is through UCSD extension and is taught by Gini Baker, RN, MPH, IBCLC.  She is a well-respected expert in the field of Lactation, with more than two decades of experience working with mothers and babies. The course is made up of lecture, videos, assignments, exams, and clinical hours. The final assignment is writing a comprehensive teaching curriculum which prepares you to get out there and get started.

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